Lifestyle Design Studio.


Welcome to our lifestyle design studio is a lifestyle design studio, founded by Goutam Jotwani

I am a management graduate who discovered his love for art while in the early years of graduation and went on to making it a profession. I am extremely passionate about making things look beautiful. I have a minimalistic approach to design; and an OCD to detailing which brings out the best of each design element created. Lately, I have carved a niche for myself in – Wedding Cards, Invitations, and Custom Stationery.

Invitations set the tone to what the invitees should be expecting at the wedding. Every detail has to speak the couple’s story, every color has to emulate love, joy and hope and every element used needs to set the tone for the festivities. At perfect invites, we will help you achieve that! We love working with brides and grooms from all over the globe where they can infuse various cultures, traditions and flavours into their design! Doing one thing at a time and keeping it simple is our way of approach!

Perfect is backed by a team of excellent printers who help us to ensure that our clients are not only happy with what they get, but they love what they see!

Be it wedding favours or a thank you note - It has to reflect the client’s personal taste and style! With this thought, we look forward to making your next occasion special…